Aerospace Engineering Spectrum

Software Development

At AES, our software development success starts with customer focus - we first gain a thorough understanding of the functional requirements and the customer's organizational economics. Then we supply a software engineering process that employs both proven principles and common-sense, comprehensive documentation procedures and our superior technical talent. The end result is predictable delivery of high-quality software products and services.

Our customers benefit from our commitment to continually improve our software engineering process and the technical capabilities of our professional engineering staff. AES software engineers have demonstrated expertise with many computing platforms, databases, programming languages and related functions, including:

  Unix   PERL   MS Access
  Windows (NT, 2002, XP)   Cold Fusion   MSCE Certification
  C / C++   EDI   MCP+ Certification
  Java   Oracle   COTS Integration
  HTML   MS SQL Server   Help Desk Support

Software Documenation
Software Systems delivered by AES are thoroughly documented throughout the development process. Deliverable software documenation typically includes:

  Requirements and Design Specifications
  Configuration Management Tracking
  Test Plans/Procedures and Reports
  Quality Assurance Records
  User Documentation
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