Aerospace Engineering Spectrum

Process and Product Improvement

AES has the proven ability to provide engineering services in support of process and product improvement. We have found a particular niche in identifying and qualifying new technologies that provide substantial improvements to products and processes, while reducing lifecycle costs associated with systems sustainment.

AES can analyze and re-engineer your processes and systems, with particular focus on:

  Technology qualification and insertion
  Replacing/refurbishing obsolete or unsupportable hardware
  Eliminating process bottlenecks and non-value-added activities
  Reducing process variation

Supportability Analysis
An integral part of the AES Systems Engineering process is supportability analysis, including comparison of commercial and organic cost-effectivness. This ensures delivery of systems that more readily accommodate commercial, open-standard products with longer lifetimes and less volatility than systems having design controlled by DoD.

Flexible Sustainment (FS) Processes
AES has pioneered processes that provide lifecycle support for existing systems - without the expense of continual developmental investments. This effort begins at program initiation and continues throughout program development ("Design for Support").

  Reliability Based Logistics (RBL), which suggests that increasing the inherent reliability of a system can result in significant reduction of the maintenance support structure. RBL is intended to assist the program managers in developing the best "design for support" solution.
  Trigger Based Asset Management (TBAM), which recommends assessment of fielded systems trends and a re-examination of the maintenance plan when "triggers" (such as changes in reliability or maintainability trends, a change in technology, or diminishing resources) are detected. TBAM is a cost-effective tool to enable the team to "support the design".
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