Aerospace Engineering Spectrum

Plating, Metal Coating and Corrosion Abatement

Aerospace Engineering and Support (AESI), a business division of AES, is a leading provider of plating and metal coating services for government agencies and subcontractors, as well as commercial markets. Our standard lead time is three days, but we have the capability to satisfy urgent requirements in as little as one hour.

Military:   Aircraft   Commercial:   Computer
    Missile       Automotive
    Ground Support       Sporting Goods

Plating and Coating Capabilities
AES offers competitive pricing across a broad range of capabilities, including:

  Anodize MIL-A- 8625 Type I, II, and III, Class 1 colors available
  Alodine MIL-C- 5541 Class 1A and 3
  Passivation ASTM A 967-96
  Titanium Pickle MIL-T-704
  Black Oxide MIL-C-13924
  Nickel Sulfamate AMS 2424
  Dye Penetrant Inspection ASTM E 1417-95
  Dry Film Lubricant
  Sand or Bead Blast
  Complete Analysis and Testing

Our Supplier Approval List is available upon request; email us at
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