Aerospace Engineering Spectrum

Modular Test Components

AES has introduced a new line of modular test instruments aimed at facilitating test solutions that are rapid, low cost, scalable and reusable. Interfacing to the modules for control and monitoring is accomplished via DeviceNet Interface. For stand alone operation of these modules, all that is required is a PC/Laptop with a deviceNet scanner card and a 24Vdc power supply. Software modules and GUIs for manually performing tests are also included.

Product Lineup

MTSM 500™ Modular Vacuum Test Module comes as an integrated Rate-Of-Rise testing package contained either in 4U rack mount housing, or in a rugged case for stand-alone applications. When used in conjunction with the Modular 2U Mass Flow Controller and optional internal Baratron Tree (requires additional 10Torr and 100Torr transducers), additional testing such as throttle Valve pressure regulation, ½ atmosphere switch point detection, Baratron Zeroing and Cross Calibration, can be performed.

MTSM 500 Product Sheet 

MTSM 105™ Pressure Decay Test Module ideally suited for performing leak checks on UUT cooling lines when in situations when it is not possible to flow water. Using CDA, this module can be used to pressurize cooling lines while monitoring the pressure via an internal pressure transducer.

MTSM 105 Product Sheet 

MTSM 435™ Gas Panel Test Module for test of gas panels and gas flow controllers. The base module comes standard with two mass flow meters for measuring stick flow. The option exists to upgrade to three or four MFMs to obtain the the required number of measurement channels. The MTSM 435 also contains a pressure transducer for measuring output pressure. Pneumatic valves control the active MFM.

MTSM 435 Product Sheet 

MTSM 318™ Water Flow Test Module designed for performing flow rate and UUT cooling line tests. The 318 contains a single facilities cooling input and separate facilities return (for flowing water), and drain outlet (for purging the cooling lines). A flow switch with a panel mount display is included for setting flow trip points and monitoring the flow rate.

MTSM 318 Product Sheet 

MTSM 244™ Mass Flow Controller Test Module for use when controlled venting is required for applications such as 1/2 atmosphere switch testing, transducer cross calibration, and throttle valve vacuum regulation.

MTSM 244 Product Sheet 
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