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Environmental Engineering

Most any industrial process performed in today's world triggers some type of environmental regulation or compliance issue. Historical operations and activities of many industrial facilities have left behind a myriad of negative environmental impacts.

Composite Shelters, Radomes & Towers

These activities initiated a gradual environmental degradation of air, land, and water quality that is vital to our ecosystem. Industry and government (including state and federal agencies) are now focused in their efforts to remedy past environmental damage and to ensure that future harm is not incurred.

At AES, we provide superior support to our customers during the administration, resolution, and maintenance of environmental liabilities and/or agreements as identified by our customers in partnership with their associated federal, state, and local environmental regulatory agencies. Our customers continually benefit from our internal corporate teaming approach as it is carried over into the regulatory environment where all stakeholders are kept informed and included throughout the solution process.

Our capabilities include support in the following areas:

  CERCLA Process Management
  RCRA Permitting
  DoD Installation Restoration Program (IRP)
  Records of Decision Driven Land Use Controls/Institutional Controls
  Environmental Information Management Systems Implementation and Sustainment
  Pollution Prevention (technology insertion and process improvement to reduce/eliminate environmental impacts)
  Environmental Compliance
  Environmental Reporting
  Community Outreach
  Public Relations
  Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
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