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Embedded Systems and Devices

Embedded systems are pervasive throughout every aspect of our modern society - forming the core of products as simple as a child's interactive game to as complex as a virtual reality training simulator. AES offers a diverse embedded device development skills base geared towards helping our clients rapidly bring embedded product ideas to an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our embedded device design teams work closely with our clients throughout the entire product development cycle; beginning with the development of a preliminary product specification up through the implementation of a pre-production prototype pilot run.


AES engineers apply a structured approach to product development. A typical product development cycle can include any or all of the following phases:

  Product Specification
  System Level Design
  Detailed Design
  Engineering Prototype Development
  Preproduction Prototype Development


We offer our clients expertise in the following embedded hardware design and development areas:

  4/8/16/32 bit microprocessor/microcontroller systems including CISC, RISC, and DSP devices
  multiprocessor and distributed system architectures
  embedded data acquisition systems including "Smart Sensor" design and implementation
  low power portable devices
  closed loop embedded control
  integration of industry standard bus cards (STD-Bus, ISA, PC/1104, Multibus, VME)
  analog circuit design and analysis
  existing product design reviews and critiques

Our embedded device project teams are able to draw upon diverse design expertise and experience to accommodate aggressive project schedules in order to facilitate the rapid time to market needs of our clients.

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