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Technical Documentation

AES has tremendous depth and proven capability in the assessment, preparation and authoring of Technical Documentation, including Technical Data Preparation (TDP) and Technical Orders. We employ the Systems Engineering approach in producing or modifying technical documentation, much like any other product we create or modify.

We understand that technical documentation itself is a "product" requiring full lifecycle management. All members of our project teams - MEs, EEs and technicians with varying backgrounds - participate in the technical documentation lifecycle to bring an interdisciplinary view to the task.

Facilities and Equipment
AES engineers and technicians are equipped with state of the art drafting stations running Arbortext Epic, Custom Screen FOSIs, AutoCAD, and Solid Works. Workstations are networked with Adobe capture and distiller fed via a high-speed scanner to facilitate conversion of paper sources. In addition, AES internal practices require that an archive of editable source be maintained in our local management system using a custom repository.

The AES repository, Engineering Data Rapid Recall System (EDR2), is integrated with version control software to store multiple in-process versions of drawings, specifications or Technical Orders to support baselines for acquisition phases and milestones. The repository is equipped with a powerful search engine that allows rapid recall with very little information.

Risk Mitigation
To mitigate the risk of failure in meeting Technical Documentation and Overall Project requirements, we use a stratified, balanced labor mix (engineers, logisticians, and technicians) and choose tool sets based on industry best practices and recommendations from the Air Force, Staff, and industry experts.

In addition, we apply virtually the same Quality Control processes to support the technical documentation lifecycle as we do to support the software and product lifecycles, including the company-wide use of the AES Standard Technical Document QC Guide Book. Our documentation processes are focused on delivering packages that support government standards, allowing for re-procurement from multiple sources.

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