Aerospace Engineering Spectrum

Brickwall™ Availability Predictor Software

AES Brickwall Availability Predictor Software is used to determine end item or weapon system availability based on test and support infrastructure.

This software package can be used as an integral part of analyses where logistical and support engineering trades must be accomplished to determine end-item availability impacts based on a support posture.

Brickwall (brik’wol) n. - A logistical event that reduces weapon system support and/or repair capability below required levels. Ultimately, a brickwall event may reduce weapon system availability unless a solution strategy is implemented.


Brickwall Features   Use Brickwall to . . .
  Input Data     Link repair line failures with weapon system availability
Qty of Serviceable LRUs in Supply System Facilitate budget planning for timely solutions
  Qty of Serviceable, prepositioned Field Kit LRUs     View cumulative effects of multiple events
  Qty of Reparable LRUs     Combine/accelerate/defer solutions to optimize budget efficiency
  LRU MTBF     Build life-of-system road maps for continued mission success
LRU Condemnation Rate Plan the proper sized spare parts “bridge” to ensure uninterrupted weapon system support during solution implementation
  LRU Repair Time    
LRU Minimum Qty required for mission capability
LRU Quantity per Aircraft Download Brickwall™ Brochure
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