Aerospace Engineering Spectrum

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

Our Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) development experience ranges from single-function, dedicated testers to multifunction, reconfigurable test systems. Depending on the application requirements, we incorporate PC, PXI, VME, and VXI hardware. Many of our software systems are based on National Instruments products including LabVIEW ® and Lab Windows CVI ®.

AES has a wide range of experience, ranging from Government depot test environments to manufacturing test systems and automated quality control systems. Our test engineers can provide services to develop test specifications, write Test Program Sets (TPSs), design custom fixturing and test adapters, complete test requirements documentation, and specify commercial test equipment.

Related capabilities include:

  Test Program Set Development
  Test Systems Design and Integration
  Test Requirements, Analyses and Documents
  Advanced Diagnostic Algorithms and Systems
  Communication Protocols and Networking
  LabView, LabWindows/CVI, C++, Visual Basic, ATLAS

Testing of circuit cards, power supplies, electromechanical systems, line replaceable units, shop replaceable units, and electronic assemblies all fall within the experience range of AES test engineers.


AES MTS 800 Line
Test System
AES is a National
Instruments Alliance
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