Aerospace Engineering Spectrum

Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Projects

The purpose of Department of Defense's SBIR program is to harness the innovative talents of our nation's small technology companies for U.S. military and economic strength. DoD's SBIR program funds early-stage R&D projects at small technology companies - projects which serve a DoD need and have the potential for commercialization in private sector and/or military markets.

AES companies have successfully completed or are presently conducting SBIR research in the following topic areas.

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Methylene Chloride Replacement
Tools for Range Maintenance/Sustainability
High-Temperature Geothermal Drilling Components
Using Test Results and Statistical Analysis to Monitor System Health Status
Tracking Current Flow Through Units Under Test (UUT)
Remote Support Via Multi-Terabit Networks
Performance Based Support Model
Semi-Automatic or Automatic Development of Test Program Sets (TPS)