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Defense Repair Information Logistics Server (DRILS)

Total Quality Systems (TQS), a business division of AES and a leading provider of engineering services to the DoD and commercial industry, has developed the The Defense Repair Information Logistics Server (DRILS), a specialized web based application for collection and retrieval of Air Force maintenance information.

A web browser is all that is needed to operate DRILS from any workstation. DRILS achieves this through the use of industry standard web tools that promote rapid, open-source application development.

The motto of DRILS is "carpe datum" (Seize the Data). This motto simply implies that an organization should own and maintain its data independently while still supporting legacy systems. DRILS is designed to be an agile information server that can quickly adapt to various maintenance and computing environments while providing rapid scalability.

site access is limited to
.mil or .gov clients only

The goal of DRILS is to provide the greatest benefit to those who enter the data. DRILS accomplishes this by providing streamlined and automated data entry methods that reduce maintenance documentation time while improving the consistency of the data collected. It also provides historical analysis tools that can be immediately used by the maintainer to improve his/her productivity.

Serial Number History
DRILS provides the ability to easily retrieve history of a serial numbered item in a form that will provide instant decision support to the technician. DRILS provides immediate decision support to the user by analyzing an item's failure rate and displaying green, yellow, or red indicator lights. These lights alert the user to the item's failure rate as compared to similar items.

Parts Consumption History
DRILS provides a listing of most often replaced parts. A report lists each part that was removed and replaced, adjusted, or received other maintenance. The report lists the percentage of these occurrences for the total number of units repaired. This information is invaluable in understanding the nature of unit failure, accurately determining repair costs, and forecasting parts requirements for future production.

DRILS is the first maintenance data application to provide useful decision support information, not just maintenance data to the person entering the data.
DRILS provides a universal user interface that can simplify data entry. This data is then uploaded to legacy data systems behind the scenes, thus freeing the user from having to maintain data in several systems (i.e. enter once, export to many).
DRILS is rapidly scalable to a large number of users. The only software needed to operate DRILS is an Internet web browser. The flexible design of DRILS allows inexpensive, rapid customization that translates to customer satisfaction.
DRILS Screen Shots

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