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AES Business Divisions

Support Equipment and Instrumentation Division

E-Spectrum Technologies, Inc., is a high-technology engineering company that provides a diverse range of products and services to commercial industry, the United States Military, and the United States Department of Energy. The company specializes in design, development and prototype fabrication of custom electronic, electro-mechanical, automated manufacturing and test equipment.

E-Spectrum manufactures and sells a range of standard test systems including the Multifunction Test System (MTS) line of automated systems and a series of modular test instruments. E-Spectrum is also the developer and sole provider test planning services based on its Brickwall™ Availability Prediction Software suite, which provides the ability to correlate end item or weapon system availability estimates as a function of test and support capability. E-Spectrum Technologies was founded in 1993 and has offices in San Antonio, Texas and Warner Robins, Georgia.

Engineering specialties include:
  System level integration and software development
  Embedded system design and programming, including embedded device development
  Design, retrofit, and modernization of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  Test Software and Test Program Set (TPS) development
  Custom data acquisition and monitoring system design and installation
  Ruggedized instrumentation and high-temperature electronics

Manufacturing, Modification and Repair Division

Aerospace Engineering and Support, Inc. (AESI), is a manufacturer of integrated electro-mechanical and mechanical equipment, as well as complex metal parts for the aerospace, automotive, computer, medical, and recreation industries. AESI was founded in 1985 and has three facilities in Ogden, Utah, comprised of 60,000 square feet of laboratory, office, fabrication, maintenance, repair and operational support areas.

Engineering specialties include:
  Build to print
  Reverse engineering
  First article prototype development and test
  System modifications, retrofit and life extension
  Depot and mobile depot maintenance and repair functions
  Sheet metal fabrication and machining
  Plating, metal coating and corrosion abatement

Systems Integration and Engineering Services Division

Total Quality Systems, Inc. (TQS) has been providing affordable reliability and sustaining engineering process and product improvement solutions to commercial industries as well as the U.S. military for over ten years.  We have developed a broad range of proven solutions through a number of Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Air Force commercial contracts.

TQS is influencing the future of Air Force enterprise data systems with its Defense Repair Information Logistics System (DRILS) that has been selected to be an Air Force Serial Number Tracking (SNT) reliability pathfinder. The performance based Acquisition Support Model (ASM) is streamlining F-16 sustainment as well as the AFMC acquisition process. TQS engineers are supporting the F-16 Flexible Sustainment (Falcon Flex) program to improve reliability, reduce the DMS problem, and, where possible as a by-product, increase capability and improve performance.

These and other TQS solutions are currently supporting Air Force performance based logistics processes that are projected to help achieve over $700 million in F-16 weapon system cost avoidance through 2020. TQS was founded in 1994 and maintains offices and computer labs in Ogden Industrial Park, Utah.

Engineering specialties include:
  Acquisition planning
  Affordable sustainment
  Data capture and analysis
  Modeling and simulation
  Operational support cost reduction
  Process reengineering
  Logistics analysis
  Engineering studies / R&D

Advanced Systems Division

Select Engineering Services, Inc. (SES), is a professional engineering services firm that offers a wide variety of engineering and technical services to both federal agencies and commercial clients. SES is a primary engineering support provider to OO-ALC, Army National Automotive Center (NAC) and Army Dugway Proving Ground. SES also provides significant software, GIS, and product development services to local governments. SES was founded in 1998 and maintains two facilities in Ogden Industrial Park, Utah, with additional offices in Layton, Utah and Oahu, Hawaii.

Engineering specialties include:
  Weapon system modification, design, and sustainment engineering
  Systems / software engineering, integration and redesign
  Composite shelters, radomes & towers, including lifecycle support
  Environmental engineering and management
  Operational Safety, Suitability, and Effectiveness (OSS&E)
  Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS)
  Application of leading edge technologies (fuel cell research, alternative fuels, and advanced vehicle powertrains)
  Environmental Compliance and Engineering Services
  Process Engineering Improvement (chemical and industrial)
  Military Range Maintenance and Sustainability
  Natural Resources Management and NEPA Support
  Cultural Resources Management Services (archeological and historic building surveys)
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